Cize Review

Cize Review

If you are looking for a fun, challenging workout that doesn’t make you feel like you are actually working out, then Cize is for you. Dancing is a total body workout. You build muscle, burn fat, and and melt away the inches and the pounds.

The thing I like most about Cize is that it doesn’t feel like a workout – and not in the sense that you aren’t being challenged. With some workouts you dread pushing play – the same moves day after day. With Cize, you feel like you are hosting a dance party in your living room. It is fun and upbeat – and you are also learning HOW to dance. Each video features songs from top Artists including Bruno Mars, Timbaland, Destiny’s Child, Sia, and Missy Elliot.


Cize comes with 6 workout DVDs. You get 6 completely exhilarating, calorie-scorching dance courses, each with fresh moves and music. The videos break down each routine, step-by-step, move-by-move, slowly building up to a full combination. By the end of the program, you’ll be totally confident in your incredible dance skills and lean body!

  1. Crazy 8’s: 35 minutes of dancing and sweating. At the end you get to perform the routine to the song HANDS IN THE AIR, originally recorded by Timbaland.
  2. You Got This: Pick up the pace with all-new moves and experience a whole new vibe. You’ll put it all together to the song TREASURE, originally recorded by Bruno Mars.
  3. Full Out: You’ve made it to Level 2 so get ready to get winded in this over-the-top, all-out dance routine. Before long, you’ll be front and center dancing to the song LOSE MY BREATH, originally recorded by Destiny’s Child.
  4. In the Pocket: As you gain confidence, we keep challenging your dance skills. This round, the choreography is set to the song PROBLEM, originally recorded by Ariana Grande.
  5. Go For It: By now, you must be loving what CIZE has done for your body. Get ready for your music video when you perform the song PASS THAT DUTCH, originally recorded by Missy Elliott.
  6. Livin in the 80’s: CIZE can teach anyone to dance–any style–any pace–to any type of music. This final routine is a completely different dance experience, with an emotional finale to CHANDELIER, originally recorded by Sia. It’s time to dance and live!

Cize Workout Results



Cize Workout Review Results

Ready to get started? Join one of my Challenge Groups!! Joining my challenge group is 100% FREE. All you need is the program! Benefits of joining my challenge group:

  1. You get one-on-one support from a Top Beachbody Coach (Tanya Schifone)
  2. You get a customized meal plan, and recipes
  3. You get to join a group of people doing the same program with similar goals
  4. You qualify for cool prize packs everytime you reach your fitness goals

Signing up is easy!

  1. Click HERE to visit my Beachbody Page
  2. Click SHOP
  3. On the left side click FITNESS PROGRAM
  4. Click CIZE

Choose your package and check out! Your selected coach will be Tanya Schifone. If it doesn’t say that, do a username search and type in “schifonetanya”. Once you have completed your purchase you will be contacted form me within 24 hours to help you get started!

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