22 Minute Hard Corps Review


Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, has recently released his newest program, 22 Minute Hard Corps. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a no-nonsense, boot-camp-butt-kicking fitness program that utilizes military-inspired techniques. Each 22-minute workout is a total body drill designed to get you “boot camp fit” in 8 weeks.

Why was 22 Minute Hard Corps created? Tony Horton shares a deep appreciation and a long-standing relationship with the U.S. military. Throughout the past 15 years, he’s toured dozens of military bases all over the world, helping troops train to their maximum fitness potential. In 22 Minute Hard Corps, he’s created a challenging but simple to follow workout program inspired by training programs used by the military. You hit it hard for 22 minutes…and you’re done. If you have the will…you will get results.

22 Minute Hard Corps is a great program – and if you haven’t tried it yet then you should. You constantly push and challenge your body to achieve boot-camp worthy results in only 8 weeks.

22 Minute Hard Corps Before & After Photos

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22 Minute Hard Corps: Where to Buy

22 Minute Hard Corps is on sale right now for only $10 when you buy a month of Shakeology:

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  3. On the left hand side click FITNESS PROGRAM
  4. Choose 22 Minute Hard Corp
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Upon purchase you will be assigned to top Beachbody Coach Tanya Schifone who will work with you through the program to make sure you are getting the BEST results possible. You will also have the opportunity to be added to the free 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge group filled with other like-minded individuals sharing the same fitness goals!